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Services Provided

Heating metals to high temperatures normally causes rapid oxidation, which is undesirable. A Vacuum Furnace removes the oxygen and prevents this from happening.

Our Vacuum Furnace is capable of reaching temperatures of 1200c.

Vacuum Hardening

We use Box Furnaces for this process. The technique is older and the products will not turn out as nice/clean as Vacuum Hardening. Our Box Furnaces are capable of temperatures up to 1040c.

Through Hardening


A process in which an austenitizable steel object is brought into contact with a carbonaceous environment of sufficient carbon potential to cause absorption of carbon at the surface and, by diffusion, to create a concentration gradient.

Carburising/Oil Quenching



Tempering is a low temperature heat treatment process normally performed after a hardening process in order to reach a desired hardness or touchness ratio.



Annealing is used to induce ductility, soften material, relieve internal stresses, and refine the structure by making it homogeneous.


Soft Annealing

A high temperature heat treatment process performed with the aim to which is to make a material as soft as possible. 


Stress Relieving

Heating a steel object to a suitable temperature, holding it long enough to reduce residual stresses, and then cooling it slowly enough to minimize the development of new residual stresses.


Tempering / Stress Relief / Annealing / Aging

Although quenching steel causes the austenite to transform into martensite, all of the austenite usually does not transform. Some austenite crystals will remain unchanged even after quenching. Further transformation of the austenite into martensite can be induced by slowly cooling the metal to around -80c.

*Please contact us for more information on this process.

Sub Zero

We have recently invested in a brand new automatic shot blasting machine. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Shot Blasting


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